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Cool :)
Think I will go clean out the workshop now :)
Tom H.

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Thanks for reminding me. I have a 5 gallon bucket of concentrates from last years sluicing and dry washing that needs to be ran through the mini sluice and wheel. John

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:yesss: Never forget to run the stuff in your truck bed . I have found some pretty nice gold spilled in there-John

Good advice John...a mining partner of mine did that last year after the summers work....

He found quite a bit of small gold from some spilled cons after panning it out. BONUS! :thumbsupanim

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Way to go... gold is gold. You know "leftovers" are always best. Food or gold!!

I once found two 55 gallon drums of concentrates left over by some dredgers. They looked like they had been there some time. Maybe a year or two.

So, I took a sample pan. Some gold and lots of mercury.

I rigged up a ramp and winched the barrels into my truck. What a load!! (Lots of blacksand!!)

Over the winter I ran them over my RP4 table. Several ounces of gold and a couple pounds of mercury.

I figure that maybe they had been run thru a wheel already.

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My bud Rich in Mt.Shasta had a few barrels,3, of leftovers from his wheel and his wife wanted it "off the property" so we ran it through my little 4" over/under dredge and got quite a few ozs but so long ago I've forgot the tally BUT great haul for sure-John

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