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Mining Claims in Northern New Mexico?


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So I am VERY new here, and VERY NEW to the whole concept of prospecting.... I know I don't want to do anything that could cause trouble for me or my son (mainly because this is something that he is interested in -- 7yo and loves the idea!).

How do I go about finding what is taken and what is allowed for techniques and such? I can't seem to find any clear answers.

Thanks for the help,


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Welcome to the forum Phoenix to you and your son! :thumbsupanim

You can find most all of your answers on the following linked website "Land Matters", there are maps, mining laws, mining claims filing procedures, etc. etc, spend some time perusing the website and after you start finding your way around the site, start educating yourself by researching the mining laws, claim filing procedures, the area you're interested in, etc. then try contacting Barry, A.K.A. "Clay" (username) here on the forum and all other gold prospecting forums, he's one of the most knowledgeable person I know when it comes to not only prospecting and where there's gold bearing land worth claiming if available, but very much so when it comes to the process of mining claims.

Once you learn to use the site you will find there's no other single website that is a great asset to newbies and pros alike, it has the info, research tools, etc. that you need to not only to learn about mining but also locate possible claim sites to file on.

If you find Land Matters to be useful to you and you can donate a little money to help keep Land Matters running please do so, 3 people (Barry and his associates) created this site for land users/miners to use for free and spend their own money (less a few donations) for servers and lots of their personal time updating and expanding the site for the future and beyond.


Keep in mind that you and your son will be "miners" no matter how small you keep your prospecting/mining, not ever recreational prospectors because as recreational prospectors your right to prospect and file claims will not be protected under the Mining Laws it's up to you as a prospector to do your own "due diligence/research" to make sure you're not prospecting on someone's mining claim, filing on top of a legal claim, etc. or pay someone else to do it for you, but I would highly suggest that you learn to do so yourself so you don't have any question that everything is on the up and up.

Learning all you need to know and then researching areas for unclaimed land can and will seems very daunting, but it will become much clearer and a bit easier as you get educated so don't give up, and fill free to ask questions of the experience miners on this forum, also other newbies will be able to learn vicariously as you learn, so it a win, win for all involved and just remember everyone started out not knowing the knowledge you seek!

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