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Steve and Spencer Phillips Nome 2015


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Thanks for sharing the ninja :200: cleanup Steve and Spencer :yesss::thumbsupanim , the video had one bear of an ending!! :4chsmu1:

Al I think you're off a little bit with the "...at least a couple of grams there anyhow, maybe more.", I think it's a couple of ounces , maybe more, a lot more!! :brows:

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It sure would be nice to discover another gold coast like Nome, but in a warmer climate zone. I know there's a few lesser ones that have been discovered, but nothing to compare to Nome, that I know of.

Ah, to dream the dream. :zzzzz:

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Thanks for allowing us to guess, Steve -- good fun and an eye-opener..

Speaking of eye-openers, it's quite the reality check when ya pull about

$100,000.00 Au in under three months, only to lose money.. :th:

Here's hoping for a better next season..!


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Dang Steve, I'm not used to hearing that ya'll didn't make money :tisk-tisk: , sure wish my guess was close so ya'll could've had a better outcome, the only shot in the video I could see all of the gold in one spot was when it was being washed out of the corner of the black tub, I guess with the water washing it out made the gold look bigger!

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