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Looking for info about Minelabs Arizona repair location


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Hi, I would be interested in learning more about Minelabs Arizona repair location and get contact info as my Dad has a GPX4000 that needs a new power switch and ribbon assembly for the rear cover. My dad would be happy if we can get it fixed locally cheaper than sending it into the main Minelab repair location in Chicago and hoping for the best and taking weeks. The original problem on his 4000 was a broken solder tab for the power switch due to the old plastic ribbon becoming brittle. While trying to see what was wrong, I got the machine to power on, but the brittle ribbon broke by the mainboard ending any chance of fixing with out replacing the assembly (which minelab will not sell by itself for a DIY repair). If the Arizona location can get the part and replace it in only a few minutes through an hour or two my dad might think that it was worth a day trip to get it fixed.

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I was told by Minelab to send my 4500 to a Chandler address and the guy's name is Brian Lewis. They assigned me a number and had me ship it to the West repair shop in Chandler.

Ringer what was the issue with your 4500, I'm thinking if it's something simple/minor, Minelab may "sub" the work to a local tech? :idunno:

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Brian lewis just left a message that my switch is replaced and he is checking if it is under warranty. Here is the address but you need to contact ML for an RMA number.

Minelab West

Attn: Brian Lewis

4960 S. Gilbert Road

Suite 1-134

Chandler, AZ 85249


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