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What is that buzzing sound?

Terry Soloman

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That is the creepiest thing I've seen this year. I've run into a couple of rattlers but a whole nest of them I can't imagine. Don't think that I'll sleep well tonight.................

Old Tom

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They hole up for mating and hibernation. BUT nothing worse than jumping from a rope into a pond in Louisiana and finding a huge ball of water mocassins(sp ?) doing the deed either. Yes I can walk on water when scared to death as I was a definite unwanted guest-John

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HJ that reminds me when I was beeping a island in OKC that was used in the 20's and 30's as a amusement

park. All signs of that had disappeared and only 8' trees with lots of thorns. On my hands and knees pusing

the detector ahead of me getting stuck by thorns every inch of the way. About 10' feet was the water and like

you said I saw a ball of water mocassins as they disengaged from the ball and headed straight for me. I think

I still have thorn holes in my hide. Went back later with pruners and clearned some limbs so I could work standing

up. Never saw the snakes again. Found a $-it load of really old coins after working that island for months.

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Till that time I'd never even heard of such a thing. In 66 left home(calif) and hitch hiked to Shady Lane #2 outside Baton Rogue in the summer, what a dipstick, as hell on earth it was. Great people ,strange food, great shine and sharing ladies too wow what a culture.John

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