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Rob tried helping me get my GPZ 7000 updated, but kept having issues, it would download, but not instal. Rob suggested this from Doc and worked like a charm, Thanks Doc and Rob!

Trying to use the Minelab instructions and using the Xchange2 program did not work at all. It told me there was an update available, I started to download it to the detector, it failed to download it, at about 70% downloaded it crapped out.

When I exited the program and went back into it, the xchange2 program no longer recognized that an update was available because it had already attempted to download it so I assume it thought it was successful.

OK so here is what I did to successfully download the firmware upgrade. Total time no more than 10 minutes.

Step 1 Plug in the USB cable of your detector to your computer and turn the detector on and leave it on. Under no circumstance turn it off. The upgrade will turn off the detector when it is done with the upgrade.

Step 2 Go to My Computer and look for the E drive. It may be another letter, but it will say Minelab GPZ7000, this is looking at the storage on your GPZ7000. Just make sure it is showing up in My Computer.

Step 3 Go to:


Download _blank.gif GPZ 7000 Firmware October 2015 (9.69 MB) to your computer on your C: drive in a folder where you will remember where it is.

The file will be named: GPZ_7000_UPDATE_IMAGE_20151009.ml3

Step 4 Once the file is downloaded on to your C drive go to the file. Copy the file from your C Drive to the E Drive or other drive letter that indicates this is your GPZ7000 detector.

Step 5. Once you have copied the file successfully, go to the E drive, do a right mouse click on the E drive, and select EJECT. This will terminate the connection between your computer and the detector.

Step 6 Unplug the USB cord from the computer. DO NOT TURN OFF YOUR DETECTOR. The detector screen will sense you have unplugged the USB cord and it will start the upgrade. Once it has initialized the upgrade it will ask you if you want to do a firmware update. Push the check mark to indicate that you want to proceed.

Step 7 the firmware will start to update and show you a percentage complete. Around 80% the screen will go black. Don't panic! What has happened is that the firmware upgrade has actually been successful and it has completed 100% and turned the machine off.

Step 8 Turn the machine back on, and it will ask you for the language, units of measurement, etc. Just like it did when it was brand new. Do a noise cancel on it and let it go through the noise cancel procedure until it gets to the point where it wants you to push the tracking button in and move the coil back and forth to balance the machine. It is at this point that you should notice that the picture on the screen is indicating you should be balancing the machine over the yellow ferrite ring. This will be your confirmation that you actually have successfully installed the new firmware.

Hope this helps and saves you some frustration.


Certified Minelab Gold Machine Trainer

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