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Great news for me


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The DR released me from wound care as my sore has healed and he told me walking would be a good thing.....hmmm did not say anything about swinging a detector but I bet it will be OK.

Now to build myself back up and maybe get to nugget/meteorite hunt.....yea , :4chsmu1:

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Glad to hear your going to be able to get back out in the fields. :)
GL to you!
Tom H.

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After reading all I could find on VLF detectors I have decided to get a Gold Bug 2 .

Seems like the most sensitive to small gold.

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Think so
Patrick , I have owned a GMT and have found meteorites with it, no gold yet . Got to work at that. I have read they are close to the same in size of finds.

Just got to find a detector in my budget range...lol

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Small coil, swing lowest you can go as covers easily replaced, good stereo, dual sound control, head phones. I've never found a pinpointer that would pick up the teeny tiny specs they go off on though. Look at the previous pic and you'll see why as in the hot ground one tough chore. I just scoop it up and throw in a bucket to process at home. I drop a poker chip to mark the spot,then I can easily get 10-12 tagets in a minute or 2 by simply a brisk walk and scoop'm ALL up. Why waste precious time in the field trying to find a dollar speck,just stash and find his big brothers instead-John

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