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Maybe next year

Steel Pan

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The last part of my prospecting season was a bust. Ran out of water but I have high hopes for next year. Went up to the claim yesterday and put away my "toys" for the winter. :cry2:

I'm not discouraged, just hopeful for next season. :brows:

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Life goes on. Can't you take a Peek from time to time ?

Ya, I can do a drive by at the road to the claim, but I'll have to wait 'til spring to do anything productive. :cry2:

Hopefully, I'll get around 12 ft. of snow this winter and get into the claim around March. :fl:

Well how did you do overall?

I always find color, just can't retire yet.


Are you going to the outing in November?

That will get you out of the house.


Goin' to see the G-kids in November, it's been about a year since I've seen 'em.

My youngest G-son has finally gotten to the age where I can play with 'im. :yesss:

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Dang it, I just checked the snow pack on a road about a mile below my claim. It ain't looking good. :cry2:

Less than 2ft. of snow where there should be at least 5ft. :grr01:

I sure hope Feb and March put on a good show, but I have my doubts at this point. :fl:

Gonna have to get my azz in early and work my butt off if things keep goin' like they are now. :th_panic:

Lookin' at an April 1st startup this year. Normally can't get in until after Memorial day. :th:

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Just not getting the storm track that I need. Precip is way off, even for this early in the year.

Contemplating walking in to the claim next week just to take a look around and maybe get

to work on some of my equipment. There is always something that can use attention.

Rather than "hit the ground running", I'd like to "hit the water swimming". :brows:

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