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Well the Bee nailed me a good one.


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Well it seems I like my kid is more then Allergic to the good ol Honey Bee. Day before yester day I felt something on my head. I reached up a Grabbed it. YEP a honey Bee. It nailed me most well at the base of the Ring and Birdy finger on the Right hand. Did everything right. Pulled the Stinger out in less then 3 seconds after Nailed. Spit On it " At least 60 Proof at that time" and cleaned it off. Hurt like the Dikkens for about 15 minuets and all was well. Next day I had a Itch on the Sing. Like a Skeeter Bite kinda Itch. The Next day the Itch From Hell turned into the Itch from Hell and behond nothing I put on it or IN me fixes it. Day three. Took a few Benidrills and all that did was make me take a NAP and wake up Itchy. I can just about make a fist with the hand and the Itch is driving me crazy. No Pain just a Crazy Bad Azz Itch. Hand all Swelled up and Top it off Wife Laughing at me because all the Fuss over a Bug Bite.. Emmmmmm Not Good. Now going Nutts with the ITCH and all sorts of POed. Four Swigs of Vodca and Still Itches. Emmmm..... Epy Pen we keep for the Kid in the Truck.....Ya, Thats the Ticket. Do just like the Training in the Military and POP my self in the Thy.... All in good with the other Four Swiggs of Vodka and That Epppppyyyyyyyyyyy Pennnnnn is Urrrrrr ya know sorta stuff were did my legs go. ?? GD, Hand Still iches.......GD What the Deal here.????? That

Ettle Bee kick me ars.......


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As a Matter of Fact I did Wet the Boo Boo with White Vinegar.. Works most well for Skeeter Bites and Even Scorpion Stings. Done it more then a Few times. Bark Scorpions Require a bit more Vodka. Played that game 5 times now. Been Zanged by Yellow jackets three times this year. Hurts like Hell but Splash some Vinegar and Ammonia on there and it's a Done Deal. Ammonia Kills the Burn about as fast as you can get in on. I think I'm Dealing with Space Alien Cross Breed Bee's here. Been Stug more then my share and never did this.

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Dang it, screwed up again, screw this forum can't type tonight going back to drinking my Bud Light good luck Homie.

LOL...keep posting...im laughing! :)


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I grew up with bees.

Got stung a LOT....

We used to put ammonia bluing on the sting.

Took the pain/swelling away. Looked stupid, but it works.

When you pull the stinger....don't squish the sack on the back.

Try to rake it off vs pulling it off. It will inject more poop if you pull it off.

Tom H.

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Meat tenderizer is always in my backpack for bees ,ants and such. Good ol' monosodium glutamate paste and gone in 10 minutes, no problem. I had this frenches tenderizer for many years and still works as a ant got me and still works this summer-John

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