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Mineral ID needed!!

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Don't think its a meteorite or platinum.



9241 W Grand Ave Peoria AZ

Call them first. They have some really weird business hours.
Tom H.

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Hello Mr. McPickle,

I have brought a few specimens to the geologist at the mineral museum in downtown Phoenix. He works upstairs, however that was several years ago, I don't know if he's still there or not. You might call them and ask if Nigel is still working there, or if they have another geologist available. They have a mine data room there also, you could check up on the area where you found your rock to see if there are or were any working mines in that area.

My only ventured guess on your rock would be hematite, however, I would expect it to be oxidized with a bit of red. If you found it in a wash, maybe the sand had kept it somewhat polished?

Good luck. Here's hoping for meteorite or platinum.



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Ellis, what is the hardness and color of the streak of ground surface? From the photo the fresh surface looks metallic or submetallic. If you have some HCl (muratic acid for cleaning concrete) acid from the hardware store, try putting some of powdered "rind" of the sample in a clear glass or test tube to see what color the liquid acid becomes (use normal care and personal protective gear when handling acids).

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There is no mineable platinum in AZ. Of course there's trace amounts in any sample that you find. Platinum in AZ has been the center of a few scams.

The circular at the link below describes how rare platinum is in copper mining in AZ. Not being a mining engineer, I think copper mining would be the only way to recover platinum, but only as a trace metal. Money is made off mining copper, and as a bonus very little gold is recovered, and about a thousand times less platinum can be recovered than gold.


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