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Locations Of & Directions To Treasure Beaches: S. Brevard & N. Indian River County, FL

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This came up in another topic yesterday.. I said I'd post it, so here ya go..

Good success to all..!:

Locations Of & Directions To Treasure Beaches:
S. Brevard & N. Indian River County, FL
Between S. Melbourne Beach to Ft. Pierce, FL
From Melbourne, FL take Route 192 east across the intracoastal waterway causeway and stay on it right to the end.. Take a right on Route A1A and drive south along the coast on A1A about 10.8 miles until you see the Aquarina Complex on the ocean side.. It is difficult to park in this area as it borders private property.. Pay close attention to roadway signs to avoid ticketing or towing.. When you do get to the beach, look just to the north and in front of the complex.. This beach produces 1715 silver coins.. To date no shipwreck materials have been found offshore..
The next treasure beach is 3 miles south to the Old Chuck's Steak House.. It is located on the ocean side of A1A.. Immediately after you pass it, prepare to make a left turn into "Bonsteel Park." (This is about 14 miles south of the junction of US 192 and A1A or 2.4 miles north of Sebastian Inlet).. Park your vehicle here and walk north and in front of the restaurant and to the north & south.. This is another 1715 coin beach..
The state park is clearly marked and is approximately 2 1/2 miles south of Bonsteel Park.. Hunt the beach south of the jetty.. You may find coins here from the Cabin Wreck, which is the next site to the south..
About 0.8 miles south of the inlet you'll see a DAY USE BEACH ACCESS park.. Walk south 1.5 miles to get to the North Cabin Wreck area.. Here you can find coins and artifacts from the Nuestra Senora de la Regla of 1715.. The best hunting starts at the McLarty rock pile and to the south..
This state museum features a display of artifacts and treasures found over the years on the 1715 fleet.. Admission is $1.00 and well worth the price.. They show a 30 minute video that features several well known treasure hunters, among them Mel Fisher..
Continue past McLarty about 0.9 miles for beach access marked as AMBERSAND BEACH ACCESS.. Park and walk over the boardwalk to the beach.. The best spot to hunt is about 1200 feet to the north and north of the McLarty Rockpile.. This is the site believed to be of the Nuestra Senora de La Regla, one of the 1715 galleon wrecks.. Silver and gold coins are found on the beach..
Continue south from Ambersand Beach another 2 miles to TREASURE SHORES BEACH PARK.. Here is a mix of late 1715 and 1800's materials.. One wreck is a suspected British pirate ship caught and sank by the Spanish as it was raiding the 1715 shipwreck.. Here you will find 1715 material as well as slag iron reputed to be from a circa 1890 merchant ship..
Continuing south on A1A another 1.3 miles, you'll see the entrance to GOLDEN SANDS PARK on the ocean side.. Cross the boardwalk to the beach.. You'll see beach markers to the north and south.. The wrecks of the Robert & the Spring of Whitbey are located here.. Both wrecks are from 1810.. This beach produces Spanish "Pillar Dollars" from the early 19th century..
SAN MARTIN 1618 - Continue south on A1A for 1.5 miles until you reach the intersection of A1A and State Road 510.. Here you'll see the WABASSO BEACH (named after the Ossadaw Indians).. This beach produces 1715 and 1618 coins.. The best area is to the south approximately 5,000 feet where material from the 1618 shipwreck SAN MARTIN lay offshore..
Believed to be where the SANTO CRISTO DE SAN ROMAN (1715) went down.. There are 2 sites: First go down A1A another 1.6 miles from Wabasso Beach to SEAGRAPE BEACH ACCESS, or a little farther south (0.8 miles) to TURTLE BEACH ACCESS.. This is the site of one of the 1715 galleons.. The scatter from this particular wreck covers a large area.. Many gold and silver coins as well as artifacts have been found on the beaches after storms..
Continue 8.5 miles south from TURTLE BEACH to where it is believed the NUESTRA SENORA DEL CARMEN (1715) went down.. Be careful, you'll be travelling through the beach residential area of Vero Beach.. Look for Rio Mar Drive and turn left.. Park at the end of the street and cross the boardwalk to the beach.. This is another 1715 shipwreck that produces coins and other artifacts..
Continue south 11.8 miles toward Ft. Pierce and look for PEPPER PARK BEACH on the ocean side..
Here you will find 1715 coins.. The area to the north in front of the pink condos has been a productive spot.. The wreck offshore has been designated a State Underwater Park..
This is believed to be site of the NUESTRA SENORA DE LAS NIEVES (1715).. There are 2 sites associated with this wreck.. You'll have to detour from A1A onto US 1 to cross the inlet at Ft. Pierce.. Follow the signs and get back to A1A ocean side.. Approximately 2.5 miles south of the Ft. Pierce Inlet you'll find JOHN BROOKS PARK/GREEN TURTLE BEACH; this is the northern most site.. Continue south 0.3 miles and you'll be at FREDERICH DOUGLAS MEMORIAL BEACH.. Between these two sites you'll find gold and silver coins as well as other 1715 artifacts..
Just south of Douglas Beach is MIDDLE COVE PARK, an area where coins from the mid sixteen hundreds are found on the beach..
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Not in Az, but I know about a bunch of places where some guy found $20,000 in placer gold back in the 1800's then got killed by Indians and now another $20,000 in placer gold is just waiting there for one of us!

But to find it you have to know where the secret hieroglyph is next to the Iron cross next to a carved Saguaro next to the rock stack with a black hand print on it next to that hill shaped like a Sombrero next to a Heart stone on the side of the Sombrero next to the outcropping of white quartz that is right next to the sleeping mexican prospector across three rivers all called Little Squaw on top of a mesa. Good Luck!

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