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Hello everyone,

I have a quick question about the fine gold timing. Now that I'm learning my machine a bit and have broke it in on different types of gold, is there a different timing you all would suggest other than fine gold? I'm wanting to get a little more depth on places that I have ran it in the fine gold setting. I run my 12 inch round NF mainly but now have a new 12 eliptical nf and a 14 inch round coiltek mono. Any ideas? Thanks everybody.


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Dan, I have pretty much the same coils as you. For ground that is not too mineralized my goto is Sensitive Extra. Fine Gold always came in a close second on my depth testing, though. If I knew I was looking for specimens I would pick Fine Gold setting. But for my areas I am not expecting specimens. I found my first gold on Sensitive Extra. I get mixed results on Normal. Could just be me, though. I've only had my detector since April so maybe others with more experience will chime in.

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