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Couple of Chrome peices I did


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Hey all:
Well, when dad and I are not out in the hills trying to find yellow stuff.....im usually plating car parts and whatever else people want plated.

Here are some 61 Chrysler exhaust tips that were pretty rough to start with.

1 All rusty and crappy.

2 Initial copper plate so I can put lead on it

3 All leaded up and ready to be filed/sanded smooth.

4 After much sanding and copper plating.

5/6 All done and looking much better :)

Well, the pic order are is messed up...youl figure it out.







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No, I have copper foil that I use as a backing when I solder them to build up areas that are gone.

The lead is a lot easier to work with/fix to get it all smooth vs brazing or welding.

Structural parts I will braze or weld.


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TomH, do you use just straight lead or antimony/lead alloy since it's harder( I think it's harder)?

50/50 or 70/30..........the new "lead free" (90/10) does not work, too much tin in it ...it doesn't flow for a crap.

Any time you add tin...it will get harder..but will not flow as good. 50/50 is the bomb! :)

But, the greenys say if you eat it it will make you sick so its getting hard to find.

Buying the old stuff off of E-bay. :)

Rosin core works the best. Acid core..not so good.


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Just a side note..........

I enjoy making silk purses out of sows ears :)

This little side job I have really lets me get the creative juices flowing and inventing on how

to fix the parts.

Most plating shops will not take the time required to do the part right.

Got a good bunch of guys I do work for that don't mind me taking the time and paying for the part as long as its done


Been really fortunate to do some one/off parts for cars and a Futurama bus from the 50s. (the mirrors)

Been doing it for 14 yrs and love it! :)

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John: There is nickel on it. That's part of the process. Copper/nickel/chrome.

Blake: I've plated a hermit pick...only one in the world like it and Bunk has it.


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Nice work Tom! If my brother hasn't had some parts done back East I may bring them back and have you do them. From the pics I know he would be very satisfied ... he is a bit of a perfectionist! :)

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That is seriously some really excellent workmanship you've done there, Tom..!

I helped a vendor buddy of mine for a dozen years work the SE US Car Corral & Swap Meet show

circuit and I've seen it all; wayyy more bad than better, re-popped pieces included..

So it makes me feel hopeful every time I meet someone who still does any type of restoration properly..


PS -- If you always take pix of your work progression and wouldn't mind having reflection-free photos of

the finished chromed items instead of Dali-esque shots of yourself & work space background, shoot me a PM..

It's easier than you think once you know the secrets..

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