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Got the fever Again!

Michigan Mark

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Always loved my metal detecting but got side tracked last number of years... Spent a year in Ukraine and meet my wife who is Russian ..then spent a half year coming and going to Russia.

Got married... You guys know how it goes... Well.... a friend of mine who has the fever got me going again... Now settled down between Michigan and Pennsylvania homes..Got a place in Stanford MT. too [was a old silver mine acreage... called crystal spring lode. never did see where the mine was though.

Anyway I been so long away... I missed all the new technology...

When I last left off, I am equipped with a minelab GP3000 a garrett 2500 and a whites Eagle 2, I believe... Now Im guessing lots has happened since then..

Am I still in good shape with the equipment I have or has the latest metal detectors for both Gold and coin hunting and in my special case Float copper hunting or has the metal detectors of present made my equipment inferior?

Has the changes in the last almost ten years made todays detectors far superior or except for a few 'small bell and whistle' changes is the technology relatively the same?

Im ready to get back into it!


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Mark ... I love all the new equipment and just 'have to' have it ... I'm a bit of a best of the best junkie! :) Your GP3000 will find you all you can handle if you just learn what it has to tell you! You have one of my favorite 'older' tech detectors!

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Thank you Mike. I do agree there is no better way to metal detect, then to become one with the machine of choice and learn every aspect of that particular metal detector. Fine tuning your hearing to sound will help differentiate between good and bad targets..

Good to know the 3000 GPS is still in the 'ballpark' and not so antiquated as to be considered a 'Relic of the Past'

I see they have newer lines of I think 4500 and 5000 and now I have seen there is a 7000....... Of course curiosity has gripped me.... But knowing the past ...REAL CHANGE in detectors... major advancements in technology....... a new a platform and major advance in metal detector technology are not everyday and come once in a while... But lots of 'bells and whistles' occur often..... I

It's being able to recognize when you have reached a new major advancement in metal detector technology ..and not some small option...... That's when to make the upgrade!

Im sure in 10 years they have come up with something big!

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