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Is this a meteorite 2 ?


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I was under 10, so I doubt it.

I just want to know what his purpose is, he's got several good candidates, but he doesn't ever post any details or other information besides a greeting and some picture, so what is he after from this website? I'm just confused as to his end goal.

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That's a very complicated question, LipCa, one that cannot be answered definitively on an internet forum.

If he's serious then he should be talking with a laboratory and/or meteorite scientist in person. All he does here is post a few pictures with no descriptions and we never hear anything else from him. This is a discussion forum, yet he does not participate in any discussion. You can't id or classify meteorites with pictures on the internet, all we can say here is "that might be one", but he already thinks they might be one or he wouldn't post them, right? I could understand if he only did this one time, that's common, but he's posted several of his finds and it's the same thing every time, a few picts, "is this a meteorite?" and then nothing, so what is he expecting from this forum? He lives in Morocco, there are many meteorite dealers and experts there, they can do much more for him than we can here. So I just want him to reply. Take his finds and get them verified and classified, then come back and share them with us and tell us a story of their find or something, but the same formula over and over get's tiring and I just want him to take the next step.

This could be one, it has the look of a Sahara ordinary chondrite like a few of his others, but what's he going to do about it? If all he wants is some random people on the internet to say "maybe" then he doesn't need to do anything else, but what does that get him? If he's serious then he should be taking the appropriate steps to verify his finds, otherwise I fail to see the point of these posts.

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