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I Found a Nugget in Downieville


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I drove all night from Santa Monica to Downieville and met some friends here. They told me where to go along the river on their claims. I used my 3030 because of the trash. I didn't really hit that many targets before I got a mixed signal. I thought it was coming from the bedrock but it was not. It was from a 'soft' layer near and I kept chipping away down about 4 inches and found this nice nugget.

It was silvery when dug because of the mercury. We heated the nugget and I used a little vinegar to make it look like it does now. The weight when found was 18.5 g and after heating the mercury away it is 18.3 g. It is my first Sierra County nugget.

I did not find any other gold for the next two days. Maybe more tomorrow in Sierra City or the end of the week at Rye Patch.


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I don't always use a 3030. I have a 5000, SE Pro, 7000, GB Pro, Whites Coin 6000 but yesterday while swinging the 7000 the thought came to mind "If I had only one detector what would it be?" A 3030!

I was out on a dry lake bed with it looking for meteorites and I thought "If I can't find it with a 3030 then I don't need it!"

That is a slogan I'll send to Minelab.

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