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If You Found A Gold Nugget In The Last Year, What Detector(s) Did You Find It With?

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This is an informal survey, just out of curiosity. For those of you who have been out prospecting in the last year (back to Sept 2014) and actually have found gold nuggets, what detector or detectors did you find the gold with? The poll is not mant to prove anything. I am just wondering what detectors are most commonly in use now for finding gold nuggets by those who are actually finding the gold.

I am posting this on the most of the active US forums so please do not post your answer in more than one place. In a week I will compile all the answers from all the forums and post the results back to each one. Thanks in advance for you participation.

I own a number of units but so far in the last year my gold was found with the Minelab GPZ 7000, SDC 2300, and a few nuggets in trashy areas with the Makro Racer.

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Found most of mine with my 36 yr old bounty hunter :)
Ok....a 5000, gold bug 2 and a gold bug pro.

Tom H.

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I'm with LukeJ. One nugget using mostly blood, sweat and tears. Oh... and a GPX5000.

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Like Tom H I have found my last 3 ounces of gold with the Bounty hunter gold nugget digger Jr 4.0!! I have dreams of the coveted GPZ 7000 but it's going to take winning the power ball to make it possible.

Just kidding like Tom my biggest gold was found with the 4000 and the getting smaller nugs with the 5000.

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