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"WOW,"..... Why would you want to sell a GP-3000??? I have owned mine for almost 12-years now,...I have found enough gold nuggets to pay it's original-"New"- cost at-least "4-times over" with it alone,....and I "continue" to find gold nuggets with it, as I did today....(some even as small as a pin-head). I only detect in Arizona, so I am not sure where you use yours??? But, as they say, the only thing a really good detector (as is the GP-3000) will find in the closet is "dust". So if you are not finding gold with it, maybe you are not using it enough???

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Hmmmmm,....gold diggers???? Are you referring to the female species who make a practice of preying on the male species who have accumulated great wealth??? No detector will help you there.

Price wise,... I am not sure just how much your items are worth today, but I do know that about 3-years ago a friend of mine paid $1500.00 for a used GP-3000 with 4-5 coils, a pocket rocket battery , and a signal booster (all in great condition),... but I don't think that you could get that much today. You would most likely be lucky if you got $700.00, considering that "everyone" these days wants the Newest detectors with all the new hot bells and whistles (you know they must have detectors that punch deeper,.. discriminate all trash out,... and are the most-sensitive to signals. Actually what everyone wants today is just to walk along and have the gold jump into their pockets ( the detector is just there for show, and prestige).

With the GP-3000 you have to work to get the gold,... most don't want to do that...................Just my Opinion.

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I know that you asked this question on a different post:...."my question is what would be the best settings to hunt for treasure coins on the 1715 wreck-site." ... The GP-3000 is a great detector for finding coins as well as gold, and I have found many coins as well as gold with it. I NEVER-CHANGE (nor adjust) MY SETTINGS>>> "EVER" on my GP-3000, and I get great results every time. You may have to compensate for salt-water environment where I don't ????? My consistent settings are as follows: BOOSTS IS DEEP...... THRESHOLD IS JUST BARELY HEARD (BARELY NOTICABLE),.... SIGNAL IS ABOUT 3/4 OPEN,... FULL VOLUME & FULL LONE,.....DISC TO ALL METAL,... SOIL TO ALL SENSITIVE (YOU MAY HAVE TO USE SALT),...COIL TO MONO ( I NEVER US DD COILS),... AND BALANCE TO FIXED ( ONCE I GROUND BALANCE). Hope this helps. I have found a number of gold rings and other jewelry around football fields and other areas, as well as an early 1800's Mercury dime valued at $100.00 with these settings. Good Luck,....and I would hope that those gold diggers that swarm around you are at least good looking???

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The above is the real answer you were looking for..

I replied to your 1715 post in the most basic of terms cos I use the most basic of PI detectors in the world when walking the stretch of beach most noted for still kicking out some gold coins following a hurricane or high-surf storm event (converted & re-balanced for on-shore use Cobra & Viper diving detectors, which since they are both hard-wired coil-to-control-box makes for a too-short throw / swing after removing the control box from the rod..) At three & two knobs respectively, there isn't much to setting them..

I'll also add that the old adage "The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence" must be true, since I'll gladly trade you six months solid beach-walking time South Beach to N. Ft. Laud for six months of Sebastian to St. Augustine..

If you're dead set on coming up this way in search of treasure gold coins though, well, first thing I'd do is wait until after a 'cane pounds the shoreline.. Then I'd head for Bonsteel Park, which is about 3 - 4 miles N of Sebastian Inlet and just south of the old Chuck's Steak House, which is now a marine life exhibit.. Bonsteel Pk. is not what it sounds -- it's basically a small unpaved parking lot with beach access that'll hold maybe 16 - 20 vehicles, primarily used by surf fisherpersons..

Even though there's no known wreck directly off-shore, the north side of Chuck's is famous for giving up gold coins following a storm.. Just take famous with a grain of salt is all.. Also, the beach from approx. a mile north of Chuck's on south to the inlet is the only remaining unreplenished stretch between Port Canaveral south to the inlet.. Everywhere else has been covered over with either pumped in or trucked in sand, depending how many $$s the community was willing to spend..

As a result of the renourishment projects, all the older lost jewelry & coins from Cape Canaveral down all the beach communities on through S. Melbourne Beach are now covered over with a minimum 3 feet worth of 'new' sand.. When it comes to the gold coins though, the belief is they get washed out of the dunes, not tossed onshore out of the Atlantic -- which is why I say wait until after a storm, as the dunes and the turtle nests at their toe are striclty off-limits..


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thanks for the info,I know chucks steak house all to well I dug a lot of fishing hooks there,I lived in ft pierce for over a year and mostly go to douglas park or the power plant wreck,but I never used my gp 3000 often,dont like to get it near the salt water.I use mostly my beach hunter 300.But next week I am going back to ft pierce and i will give the gp 3000 a shot,Thanks Again

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dirt hound: Ah yasss -- the stretch between Chuck's -- Bonsteel and fish hooks.. This little beauty right here forever broke my habit of walking barefoot on beaches:


Found at dead low tide about two feet back & one inch down from where the slope meets the short flat and all the pebbles drop out while the tide is burbling.. Luckily it didn't hook in; did scare da chit outta me though..

Didn't realize you were already familiar with this stretch of Brevard & Indian River Counties, as is Homefire, and now frank c too, and probably a whole buncha other folks on here as well.. I've compiled a list of and directions to the better-known wreck locations along this stretch which I guess I should post up under the proper heading, even though here is primarily a western board.. I'd also shot a companion video, but it came out sooo bad (because I didn't shoot any "getting to this location" footage) that I never edited n posted it.. The only locations of which I didn't shoot vid are the two you mentioned, cos I was burnt out n didn't feel like driving off the beach out to US1 to get around n then back beachside for the Ft. Pierce locations.. As it's turned out that didn't matter, since it all needs to be re-shot anyhow..

And, for what it's worth, since you already have a beach-capable detector, I'd never even consider taking a 3K or anything like it to the beach.. One time I took a coin shooter with salt capabilities, waterproof coil but the detector itself isn't waterproof, to the beach.. I didn't even get anywhere near the water.. That was three years ago and I'm STILL picking sand out of it.. Never again.. But that's just my experience and thoughts about it.. Any additional depth you think you may get simply isn't worth the probability of equipment damage.. Beach sand and desert sand are completely different, which is why land-locked desert countries need to import beach sand; you can't make quality cement using desert sand.. It's too rounded.. Granules can't lock together, so crumbles easily.. Beach sand, nice n jagged.. Locks together, which is what also keeps it impossibly jammed in places in your detector you didn't even realize had any clearance..

frank c: Sebastian still gives up some durn nice Reds, although the monsters are now much fewer & further between.. But how time changes things..! Parking used to be free on both sides of the bridge.. Then in the latter '80s they installed "honor boxes".. It was fifty cents to park, but only if you were in a front row space.. Other than that it was still free parking.. Then they built admission collection buildings, and even though it was cheap that's when we stopped stopping by.. We'd all just go to the Sebastian Beach Inn instead.. It's nearly a 70 mile ride; who wants to pay to park once ya got there..? Last time we cruised by on the scoot a couple years ago it was $8.50 per passenger vehicle and either $15 or $20 per motor home, depending on length..



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