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Turquoise Placers

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How common would turquoise be in the gravels of the San Domingo?

My partner has found turquoise a couple of times in the gravels of around the LSD. I'm wondering how common this mineral is. I've read of a turquoise vein out by Castle Rock in one of the AZ mineral guides, but haven't seen much. The first was worn so much it looked like an odd shaped large marble, and the second sample only had a few little dots.

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Properly establishing weather it is actual genuine turquoise would be a good start. A few minerals may have a look similar to actual turquoise. There are many copper minerals out in the LSD areas and beyond that could be mistaken for turquoise.

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Frank and Adam both gave you good advice Chris. I've found quite a few copper minerals in the Little San Domingo drainage. The copper minerals are often found concentrated in small areas - essentially copper placers. I've only found one small piece of Turquoise but many other copper minerals look very similar to Turquoise and are often mistaken for Turquoise.

The best areas I've found for copper minerals are concentrations on the benches on the lower LSD west of the highway. The best copper metal specimens were above the high water confluence of Iona and LSD washes on the east side of Iona.

Not much value in those copper minerals but they can be very pretty. When you are back in Arizona give me a shout and I'll show you some of the specimens from there. One copper nugget in particular is pretty impressive.

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I do believe it was a copper mineral. It was found not too far west of the Highway in a creek that leads into the LSD.

Probably trying to get my hopes up with Turquoise. I went out a couple of times looking for the turquoise diggings by Castle Hot Springs road, but the description in the book did not match the location on the map. I also heard of a turquoise vein located by my claim that I took a couple of walks looking for it, but nothing found there either.

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