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Why does the BC cartoon come to mind. AzNuggetBob

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Just ordered my knobby tire. You guys will be jealous when you see me on the playa with this one. I'll set up my GoPro for some trail riding video. Nice stealthy way to travel on a trail.

My mail box is a 1.5 mile round trip with a 455 foot elevation change, I breeze up and down the hill at about 8 - 10 mph. If you have any ailments with walking but standing doesn't effect you, these can help. I have the tingly / numb / pain in the foot thingy going on in both feet and walking is painful, this allows me to get out more without driving either my truck or quad.

Watch for them, coming your way soon.

These are not those stupid little "Hoverboards" everyone is talking about.

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It does sound pretty cool as long as y'all stay shiny side up.

NO endo's :old: .

I wonder how big of a pebble you have to hit to :th: ?

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Weaver, I ride it off road, not an issue.

Steep grades are a different story as you need to be aware of how fast it will recover when you hit a bump or dip because of battery drain pulling a grade. I'll get some video of me on the trail with detector gear on. Would be excellent for the playa and looking for meteorites. Can't wait.

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