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Well Rick for those of us that have never seen you in person or in a picture, you will now have to post a photo of what you looked like before the clippers, so we can judge if you look better or worse!! :brows:

I have a lot of hair, on my head and on my face, I think I look better with all that hair, it hides most of my "ugly"!! :4chsmu1:

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You had about the same amount of hair on you that I still have on me, I'll keep mine, change is good sometime and trimming my beard short or even clean shaven (mustache stays) is not out of the realms of possibilities but everytime I go to family reunions all of my numerous family members always say "I'm so glad you haven't cut your hair, you wouldn't seem to be the same Skip" so the hair on my head and mustache is a part of who I am, so to speak.

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