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Finally got over one with my gp extreme


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I've been stuck in a rut for a long time now so last weekend I decided to get the drywasher out and find a little color. I found a few flakes drywashing then when it got hot I decided to do some beeping before I called it a day and got over a little .21 gram dink.


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Nice job Adam. Glad to see you getting out even though it's a little hot. Tom and I struck out the last time we went out but we drew a red line on that spot so now we know where not to go. :-)

Old Tom

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Heck Yah!!!! :)
WTG on getting that nug. :)

Go geet some more!

Like dad said...we got the stinky skunk today.

Tom H.

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I've drywashed a few times. The last time my lungs hurt for a month, that was the end of my drywashing days and machine. I was even wearing a mask. There can be some nasty stuff in that fine dust. All the elements including the water soluble ones can be present when you dig those holes. Arsenic, asbestos, and many more carcinogens. I must have been in a high concentration of something bad, had me worried for a while. That's what turned me to detecting, a lot easier on the lungs.

Congratulations on getting out of your rut. Nice little dink.

Rut= Just goes to show that one elk's treasure is another man's misery.

Antlers high and keep on swinging!


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WTG! I've used a GP Extreme as my main unit for the last 12+ years and it can really find the gold, no doubt. I've found everything from fly poop to muti-ouncers. QA at Minelab was questionable at best (my opinion anyway) during the production of the Extremes so performance can run the full spectrum. Happy to share info on settings if you ever have interest.

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