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My New Home


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Got me a Camper that will be a back up if I should need a home. Had to make a door, the other one fell apart.

Might take it to Gold Basin for the outings.

Just have to see.


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In 2 weeks my DR said it might be my last trip to Wound Care for my foot. If so then I might be able to get out and walk some, right now he has me at no or very little walking at all.

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I know you are on limited use for the foot.

Get that thing to Gold Basin and leave it for a few weeks. You know people here with lots that will let you stay or on some of the claims.


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Hey, Congratulations on your new home!

Having a place to rest your body like that is a good thing.

Doesn't have to be fancy, IMO, lots of little problems are easy to fix.

Enjoy it and have fun...beats staying home all the time...


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