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Recent Find - Florescent Carbonates


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Recent is a relative term, like last spring. Most of the samples came from the same mine except the two on the middle & lower far right which came from a mine up on Santa Rita Mts. The samples have been in my holding area outside going through a “natural” cleaning. I have not started IDing the samples outside of the hydrochloric acid test and all fizz outside of the far right samples one of which is the rock Syenite (middle right) and an unknown, fibrous mineral (lower right). I think the 2 samples on the upper left - Smithsonite, the top far right and middle - Cerrusite, the 2 samples on the middle & lower left - Siderite and the bottom, middle is a carbonate ore. The Syenite glows a dull red with green-white spots. The sample on the top far right (Cerrusite) also exhibits phosphorescence of a light green - white color. The second photo is the minerals in regular light and the first photo was made under a 6 watt longwave UV lamp. These are the most colorful fluorescent minerals I have found.



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adam, I do have a shortwave UV lamp and gave it a go with the samples. The minerals did not respond very well to the shortwave lamp. They have the same colors but the glow is much weaker than in the longwave UV.

My UV lamp (M100) is one I picked up from "Bob's Rock Shop" when they were first released. It's a nice tool for under $100, not the flood UV light some offer, but then my needs are simple.

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