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Winter in the Works ?


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A friend up in Virginia that got bit by a Black Widow a week or so ago :th: , he's still suffering trying to get over it, no anti-venom for spider bites, only antibiotics, etc., I will be sharing this with him in case of future encounters!

I got married once...same prognosis

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In Real life I go out of my way to Help the Good guys here. Praying Mantis , Walking Sticks, Kaddy Dids , all Spiders but the Recluse and Black Widows. Scorpions of all type DIE, DIE DIE with a Double Stomp or what ever is at hand.. Crickets saved too. Find them all in the house from time to time. We have a Egg Machine that stays in the house at night and she eats them all if we don't find them first.

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