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Is this a shark tooth?

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I find shark's teeth all the time here where I live on the east coast and though the shape is right the rest of it doesn't look like a shark's tooth at all to me. no signs and of enamel and even if all of the enamel has fallen off it looks nothing like what is under the enamel on any of the 100's of teeth I have found.

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I believe you have a fossil claw not a shark's tooth.

The samples do not show any change from the pointy end to the broad end as far as texture, shark's teeth always have a Root, which shows a ruff texture to it, and as AU Seeker said, there is no enamel on any of the pieces. These features are seen in all shark teeth, even the 260 million year old ones.

The samples all show a concave depression at the broad ends; this is a socket, where it fit onto a "knuckle" bone of some sort. Also, the samples a covered in "lines" that give it a "feathered" appearance. These are filled in "pores" that use to be hollow or filled in with "marrow" that made it light and "feed" the bone when the critter was alive.

If you have a university or natural history museum nearby that is public friendly, you could take it there and have it IDed. Vertebrate fossils are protected under the US Antiquities Act so if asked where it came from my property or my Uncle's property is a good answer. Can you tell us which State/County did the samples come from? That would help pin down the age of the fossil. Thanks for sharing your find with us.

Say, how do you post pics on this forum. I looked for a help section but could not find anything on posting pics. Thanks.

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Say, how do you post pics on this forum. I looked for a help section but could not find anything on posting pics. Thanks.


You can post photos either by using a photo hosting link such a Photobucket, or use the forum's file attachment option, for Photobucket be sure to use/paste the "IMG" link somewhere within your post and your photo will appear in place of the IMG link after posting your reply/post, Photobucket images will no longer appear on the forum if you move or delete the photo within your Photobucket gallery/account/album because doing so will change the link to the photo, to use the attachment option, "Attach Files", you can find it by clicking on the "More Reply Options" below the reply, or if editing the "Use Full Editor" you will then find the attachment option below the expanded reply box.

All attached photos posted will be automatically re-sized to save forum sever space and so they aren't too large to view easily on the forum's page size.

The forum's generic help section link can be found at the very bottom of any page of the forum, the help section has 25 sub-sections, here's a link to the help section and another link to the "Posting" sub-section.



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I'm not a vertebrate paleontologist but what you have has the features of a deer hoof. Here is a link to a fossil deer hoof: http://www.thefossilforum.com/index.php?/gallery/image/22055-deer-phalanges/

In the link pic, note the concave socket, the hole just forward of the socket and the hollow (partially filled-in in this specimen) area just behind the apex end of the specimen, just like your specimens. It maybe not a fossil but an interesting find. You have some interesting hunting grounds there in eastern Pen.

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