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Good thing they don't have the EPA ! They would be Assigned a SUPERFUND Number and shut down.

If you Google ‘Champagne Pool’ online, you will see photos of the striking orange-colored precipitates that deposit around the edge of the pool,” Simmons told FoxNews.com. “Those precipitates are rich in gold, silver, mercury, thallium, arsenic and antimony.”"

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What..? Wait..!

They've already brought the metals & minerals nearly to or all the way to the surface..

Kinda hard to believe the energy co hasn't been harvesting 'em all along..

They obviously need to be cleaning the pipes out periodically anyhow..

You mean to tell me they're back-flushing that "gunk" with no future recovery plan in place..??

If so: "Ummmm, 'scuse me, Mr. Boss.. C'mere.. We need to talk.."


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Sounds like gold was caught in the process of being made, similar to how a lot of textbooks say it was formed by superheated water dissolving the heavier metals under high pressure deep in the earth and these metals precipitating out of the solution in the right circumstances.

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