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A friend of mine sent me a link to a short (24:27) documentary about looking for gold near Los Angeles.

Many of you will know where this place is but in the film the local miners asked that the specific location not be disclosed.

I've been up there a couple of times and I didn't find the kind of gold that this shows. I'm glad it didn't emphasize it but there are some pretty little chunks in the sluice.

Enjoy it ... it will remind you of us:



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"...it's something else, it scratches too many different itches..."

great video



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Thanks for posting that video....brought back memories for me and the time I spent up in the narrows...years ago we had a good crew up there miners from all walks of life from Bernie the King of Follows Camp to Janet and Frank Marconi who ran the small prospecting shop at follows Camp, to veterans from WW2 , Korea and Vietnam ..lol a Motely crew for sure. Detecting with my GM2 on Shomaker road down to nugget gulch..ounces were taken out by us. Trips to the Bridge to Know wheres....searching for the ouncers that were up just a little further...lol, which I never found. Nice to see people still head up there...although infamous at times as gang warfare and bodies dropped off in the canyons by rival gang bangers....from Azusa and beyond. One of the best and memorable was visiting Jerry Hobbs at Azusa Gold....and our talks about gold hunting and dredging. Great video !! Thanks for sharing...


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:yesss: Good ol' Follows Camp was a great place to party till the flood. We demoed, help classes and ran our experiments there during new product development 100s a times, worked the Gold Faire every year. Now gangs/trash rule sic sic sic-John

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Fond memories of that great old place. A few years back I did a Marketplace piece for PBS at a spot between the old Follows Camp and the Cattle Canyon Creek bridge (just to incorporate the authentic background sounds of gurgling water to frame our dialogue). I occasionally wonder how the long gone prospecting ghosts of the East Fork react in their chilly graves to the weirdos and juxtapositions of the 21st century. The naiveté of 21st century internet-suckled earthlings is as palpable as the shower shoes that can be seen floating downstream from the feet of wannabe bungee jumpers who didn't bother to even take along a few bottles of water or food provisions only to have an inevitable epiphany with the sometimes harsh slap down that only Mother Nature can deliver so well. "Oh my God, there's no cell service up here! I'm hot, my feet are bleeding!! It's HOW MUCH further? What was I thinking???"

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Sub Script. With those Tats you would never get in the Military. Go Figure. You Sure was Proud of those Tat's in the Video. Tats do NOT make a Miner.

Sorry if I think Openly.

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Tat's do not make you a miner or a tough guy.

There was a really good line the guy said while he was throwing up from hiking all day pulling his gear, "Mining is not for p###ies, PREPARING to mine is not for p###ies!"

Makes me think of all the effort we put in to just start mining, my friends think I'm crazy.

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As Homie sez: Tats do not make a miner..

However, getting tats will make a miner need to mine..

A square inch of single thickness fine gold won't come close to covering

the cost of a square inch's worth of quality-rendered tattoo..

I'd say is he's sporting slightly more than a

new sold-at-retail GPX 5000's worth of ink..

A 5000 can be traded up for a 7000..

The ink..? Not so much..


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