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Drywashing in this heat

boulder dash

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Saturday the wells fargo kid and I decided to drywash a remote desert canyon near the lazy camel mountains nw of surprise. Access was a small challenge that required hand snips and readjusting my side mirrors. Working a small stretch when the vacuum started acting up. Pulling it competly apart a putting it back together made zero difference. About 3 buckets later and much ear screaming vacuum noise it was dead and gone with smoke. Lucky for us we had a good 6 hours of running buckets and vacuuming. And did I mention it's kinda hot and humid out in the desert this time of year. Fun trip and good people. Total was 5.10 grams


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WTG on the gold!

Nice gold or the amount of dirt :)
Those shop vacs use the air they suck up to cool the motor....grit gets in the air...and the bushings die.

Had one on my media blaster that died that way.

Tom H.

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Drywashing, been there, done that, won't do it again. It's not the hard work of digging a monster hole, or having to fill it back in, or the noise and smell of the blower motor, or that when you're done you look like you've just rolled in a mud puddle, it is the nasty stuff in the fine dust that makes my lungs hurt that sealed that coffin shut for me. Even wearing a mask doesn't filter it all out, unless you get the full face mask, and who could wear that in this heat.

Congratulations on your take! That sure is some pretty yellow. Love that stuff.

Best Regards,


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Both B-Dash and Adam are straight up as tough as they come! Great freekin vids on youtube too! Although they should be listed in the "fitness and endurance" section!! :hiker:

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Thanks Bucket !

We genuinely have fun while prospecting, and while drywashing "fun" translates to challenging ourselves to see how many buckets we can run. Keeping track of the numbers keeps everything legit for the trip reports,videos`s, and gold averages. Hope to have more videos soon, but we havent been saying to much lately :inocent:


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