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Sometimes you really find a diamond in the rough in the Cabela's Bargain Cave, other times it's like a comedy show. Check out these seriously damaged hats for only $20.00, front and back damage. They had a shelf full of them so don't worry supplies will last :-)


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It is that worn, torn, can't afford decent clothes look that many "stylish" people want. If they had ever been poor they would not think rags are cute or pretty.


I'm always in style, have been for years. :brows:

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Looks like rat food-John

....that was just a jazzed up, $6 lifeguard hat.

I settle for a good end-of-year clearance, at Dickies. Bot a couple dozen pairs of jeans for$9ea few years back.

Still wearin out the first dozen.

Some got chopped off below the knees so they couldn't run away. :tisk-tisk:

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