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Here you want to see some gold? I dug this on Thursday at Gold Basin


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I went back to the place where Hoss Blackman took me for my very first gold outting 25 years ago. I thought what the heck I will give it a go. It was 5:50 in the morning and abut 84, very pleasant. That changed quick as it got to over a 100 very quickly.

I am sure Hoss planted the first nugget I found. Hoss passed away years ago. But before I started I talked to Hoss and told him, "Hoss today is to commemorate our friendship and what a great mentor you were to me. So come along and let's find some gold." I continued talking to him, telling him that he would be amazed at the technology today. The GPZ7000, how far it has come since the days of the SD2200."

Well I was not 100 feet away from my truck, and literally 5 minutes into detecting when I got this sweet little subtle target. It was down in the roots of a bush in the side of a very narrow little gully. It was down 8 to 9 inches.

Pulled out this little typical Gold Basin Nugget. .7 grams.

By 1 pm I was spent, and had already drank almost a gallon of water. So I called it a day. But Hoss and I had fun.

Don't forget Bill's outting coming up in November in Gold Basin, there are still nuggets and meteorites to be found there. Two trips ago I found a couple nuggets and a meteorite. As a matter of fact I have been out 17 times now with the GPZ7000 to Gold Basin and have not been skunked yet. I have been averaging 5 to 6 nuggets a day, until it got so hot.



Here's the last picture I have of Hoss and I.


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WTG Doc.

Yup, ill be up there for the outing.
Leave one for me :)
Tom H.

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Thanks for posting Doc :4chsmu1: , I never knew Hoss personally but I do know he was a great guy and helped a great number of nugget shooters get started and continued to mentor them, I remember sadly the day I read that he passed :cry2: , he couldn't of been prouder of your beautiful little nugget if he had found it himself, I guess in a way he did and lead you to the spot!!

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Nice gold! But you gave away the secret. Lots of virgin bushes out there. They're tough to get into, but can be well worth the rewards. Just be careful, you never know what nasty little creatures are lurking deep in their shadows.

Bushwhacking at its best,


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