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Well we got out today hoping to beat the heat and maybe find a nice speci and some coins. My little guy was the coin champ today. 1 1944 D mercury dime. He didn't scream and hoop and holler like he did with the morgan dollar but he was excited. I dug a bullet down about a foot and a half in what appeared to be virgin ground (how the he** they get so deep in that kind of ground is beyond me) but I thought I had a nice chunk of yeller. NOT. My oldest boy and my friend didn't do well either. Plus it was 97 degrees at 11:30. So that's too hot for us northerners haha. Fun day though, take care everyone.



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Funny you say that. My 2 boys and I bicker all the time about which one is more fun. I say gold, they say coins. I do like the history behind the coins but gold has my number 1 spot on my like list.

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Unless you live in a location like I do where the only place ya might possibly find some wild gold is locked inside a jeweler's safe, they'll outgrow that feeling all too quickly, Dan..

In the meantime, if you feel that transformation should take place sooner than later, the only way to do so is with a visual lesson.. So here's what you do:

Take your daughter's speci n figure out approx how much gold it contains.. Then go to your change jar n take out that $ amount in this combination: pennies & dimes = to 85% total (3 to 4 X as many pennies as dimes,) 12 to 14% in quarters and the rest in nickles.. Stack them up on a table next to the speci, then go find your boys and tell them you have something to show 'em..

As they're standing there looking, you gently explain to them that while it may be a lot of fun detecting & finding coins, with the exception of a rare one in really nice shape that has actual numismatic value it takes THIS many coins to be worth the same amount as this little pebble over here that your sister found..

It'll still take the little guy a while to start transitioning, but I bet you'll see a pretty quick change in your older boy -- cos ain't no kid, or adult, I know who wants to be outdone by his sister.. :black_knight_standing:


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