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Sorry for the back Ground noise. Me saying NOOOOO was the wife coming up to me and Farting while I was doing dishes. The Cheeping sound is the Hummers Cussing out each other. For every Bird you see at the Feeder there are at least 10 more in line out side.

They empty those feeders about every 30 minutes in the morning and evening.

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They show up just before Sun Up. Last to leave about 30 minutes after Sun Down. There Fearless. If your slow hanging the feeder they will drink while your hanging it. Buzz your face and give you the WHAT FOR !!!

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I wouldn't have the patience you do. THose feeders are tiny. If you ever hit the big city( WALMART) they have quart size feeders for a little over 5 bucks. REminds me, I have to fill mine again- it's been hot here, too.

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