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CONTEST to win AWESOME Survival Knife here on Bill's Forum (59)


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Hey fellow prospectors, treasure hunters, purveyors of adventure and tall tales,

This contest is exclusive for Bill's Nugget Shooter forum only. All guesses must be listed here.

Here is a quick contest just to liven things up a little over here. Winner will be determined by the first ball drawn in the Powerball drawing this Saturday August 29th at 8:00 pm. We are going to use the Wisconsin website because they actually list the balls in the order drawn which will tell us the actual first ball that was drawn. It is the same numbers as the Arizona lottery but they list the numbers lowest to highest without telling us the actual first ball drawn.

Only 59 numbers are drawn so only 59 contestants are allowed. Cut off time for guessing is 7:30 pm on August 29th. Guesses after that time will be disqualified.

Pick a number, 1 through 59. List it here on this thread on Bill's Nugget Shooter forum. No other guesses anywhere else are allowed. Once you list your number you may not edit your post and change it.

You may only have one guess of a number between 1 and 59. If the number has already been listed here, then that number is taken, first person to submit their guess owns that number. If you accidentally pick a number that has been chosen already you may post a new number that has not been taken, but do not edit your original post.

On Saturday August 29th go to the Wisconsin Powerball website after 8 pm and look at the number of the first ball drawn in Power Ball for that evening. The official drawing time is 10:59 EST.


The person who guesses the number of the first ball drawn is the winner. If there is no one who guesses the exact number then the person whose guess is closest to the first ball drawn, WITHOUT GOING OVER wins a great: Schrade survival knife. It includes a holster, sharpener and a fire starter. This is one helluva knife, I own one myself. 12 inch overall length.

I will try to keep the list below current but to be sure you don't guess a number that has already been taken go to the end of the thread and look for the latest numbers that have been submitted.


Doc's Detecting Supply




1 AZMark
2 Nugget108
3 Dakota Slim
4 Pondmn
5 H2 Charlie
6 DealinDavid
7 MacGump
8 drumkiller
9 Micronugget
10 Old Tom
11 Carolina Bob
12 Grubstake
13 Matt
14 Explorer 1
15 Boulder Dash
16 Rege
17 Swampstomer Al
19 Uncle Ron
20 devilishjim
21 Always Dirty
22 Tom H
23 Au Seeker
24 Renegade Miner
25 Mike Furness
26 Warmanr
27 AuTSaurus
29 Glenn in CO
31 Extractor
32 LoneLobo
33 mn90403
36 Largo
37 azdigger
38 Incognito
39 Haderty
40 Luke J
41 IDdesertman
42 Garimpo
44 Roger P
46 Cow Killer
47 Paradiceau
48 jpuisis
49 Ringer
50 Flyinjeff
52 DDog
53 Allen in MT
54 cp90macs
55 Gary Smith
56 Driller Dave
57 NVChris
58 Homefire
59 fredmason

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Hey Doc,

I will take #54 if it is still available. Thank you for the chance and helping all of us get through the dog days of summer!

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