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A couple little ones......on a hot day.

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With summer around I have to admit I have not had the time to detect much...kids out of school and I find myself being a Taxi service most of the day..whizzing them from one spot than another. But i did find a little time this summer to get away...thought i would share these...little pretties...total weigh of all three 3.4 grams...some have a nice hoppered structure. Can't wait until it cools off....


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I would say that's a great find :thumbsupanim , nothing like getting back something of value and very useful that you might as well say, was lost for good!!!

You got that right! Funny part is I didn't even realize I had left it behind a couple months ago in the field. The night before I went out two weeks ago I couldn't find it and swore I had just seen it. I thought someone stole it from my garage, until I came across it the next day. :arrowheadsmiley:

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Yes, they don't come around often....in fact got skunked today 6 hours and 99 degrees....skunked the day before and day before that. I was thinking today what incredible "Hope " we miners and prospectors have....in order to brave such heat and terrain in ' Hope" of finding this awesome yellow metal.... :nutty::ROFL::nutty: . The crazy thing is....after your all done and dead tired....that crazy mind is looking forward to the next day....to do it all over again.... :head: with no guarantee of finding it....but we all know we will .. :thumbsupanim anyways be safe and bring lots of extra water....


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