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New prospecting vihecle

lotsa luck

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The only option I don't have is the snow plow. LOL The HO Cummins 6.7L, lockers you name it. Quite an upgrade from my 15 yr old truck and cannot wait to get its first Arizona pin striping going into the mine. Sure hope the Mega Elnino gives us the needed water this winter!

Lift kit, bed cover and tires go on next week.


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That's one sweet lookin' ride..! What year is it..?

I agree with Don too, 'cept I'd be tempted to get the

warm wench first n the Warn winch second..

If the paint's as nice as it looks in the photo, and as long as yer throwin' some $$s at it right now,

a couple layers of clear over top the factory single-stage might be a worthwhile investment as well,

unless, of course, the street cred for the AZ pin striping outweighs the 1X/yr buff-out..


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Its a 2012.5 and makes 450 hp and 850 ft lb's. Has 20K on it and in perfect condition and Dodge certified. Even the seats are air conditioned. Tried to get it stuck in sugar sand yesterday and it didn't even spin a tire dragging itself out. Lap of luxury riding in it yet it can perform like my old truck.

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