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Opened up a new claim....

Steel Pan

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This time, no partners. They can be a real pain in the arse.

The old claim was hard to maintain without the co-claimants help, but I did it.

This time I ain't relying on anybody else to help out.

At least now I'm working for myself. :4chsmu1:

Amazin' how you can think you know somebody just to have it turn out where

they are real lame in the participation dept.

Don't watch me dig a hole and then expect to play in it, it's MY hole. :old:

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I have already discovered a lava bench with stream gravels on top. The face

of bench runs exposed for about 80 ft. :4chsmu1:

I need to get up there and sample along the bench to see what, if anything,

shows up. :brows:

Heck, lookin' is half the fun, ain't it? :idunno:

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After detailed examination, the "bench" is actually a sedimentary formation that is standing on edge with

stream gravels on top. Up stream about 100 ft. is a basalt flow. My current goal is to find the contact zone

between the sedimentary and basalt flow. The stream gravels are covering the zone with about 8' of overburden.

At this point the gravels seem to have been laid down after the basalt flow.

I did some sampling on the bench and did find color. :yesss:

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Another observation I made while walking the stream.

It appears that the places where there is water in the stream bed

are places where the bedrock is closer to the surface. Otherwise,

the stream is actually flowing underground. :89:

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I made the same observation about the agua fria river North of Lake Pleasant in some of the GPAA claims. The water on the bedrock was stagnant for the most part, but south of Gillette I saw it flow a little to the south. I did read in one of the geological reports that river "flows underground," but I imagine it just a gallon or two a minute, not quite the flow I thought an underground river would have.

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