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We have a few Western States Prospecting Association openings available.

PM me with your email address and Ill send you information and an application.

Were a limited membership capped at 100 paid members.

Dues are a family membership for $135 a year, seniors pay $100 after the first year.

The claims are proven to hold detectable gold with locations in 3 western states CA, NV and AZ.

Like big gold?

This one came from one of our NorCal claims!


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Unfortunately joining now means dues are due in just a few months for next year. We joined WSPA on one of your membership drives only to have our membership dues again in just a few short months (August - Jan), you are having a membership drive late in the year, how about making the dues revolve around the member's date of joining, not Jan. 1st.

Great group, just didn't like that aspect of joining when we did and then having to cough up the membership dues again in just a few months time. $135.00 membership for four months of being a member was a little steep.

Hope all is well with you and Wilma.

Rick and Con

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Ill keep sending out app, but it's likely the few spots are taken and this will be reserving your spot in the wait list Que..

Renewal period is now starts June1 not January 1

​Actually Rick, the first year is considered an application fee, regardless of when you join.

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All those on the wait list and in the current queue are invited to our RP outing Sept 25, 26, and the 27th.

Bit of a lag in processing the app's, as our treasure had the cheek to take a two week vacation to Fiji!



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