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Any ideas what this is?

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Hello all,

We are new to the high desert area of So. CA and this was in our backyard. Its a lot heavier then any other rock the same size. I was told it was a meteorite from a neighbor but I have no clue how much they really know. It has some black on the outside but the previous renters had a fire pit so could have been used as a part of that though it wasn't a part of it when we got here.

Any suggestions on what this might be?

I know we are supposed to try the magnet test but the only magnets I have are ones on the back of biz cards and they barely stick to our frig. I can try to get a better one when I can but until then I thought you might have some answers from these pics.

Thanks so much for your time,








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Well there are alot of folks on here that hunt and find meteorites with success. I'm not one of them haha. Welcome and hopefully you can get some answers.

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I do not believe it is a meteorite. And, unfortunately, a strong magnet will stick to several terrestrial rocks/minerals.

The colors and the surfaces are not meteoritic in appearance-- but keep looking!

My opinion, Twink Monrad

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