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I can only imagine what would happen if...

lotsa luck

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SAw that . darn BAsterzds Or is it dam busters :grr01: The way I read it, they blew the plug to the mine. Idiots. Maybe it's way too soon to judge, but with all the incompetence in gov't... if the shoe fits....





" EPA Response to Million-gallon Mine Waste Spill in Colorado Deeply Inadequate

Feds Downplay Wildlife Impacts, Ignore Downstream Endangered Fish, Birds

DURANGO, Colo.— The Center for Biological Diversity today blasted the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for downplaying the possibility of impacts to fish and wildlife from a million-gallon spill of toxic mine waste into Cement Creek and the Animas River in southwestern Colorado on Wednesday.

Both rivers feed the San Juan River in New Mexico and Utah, which contains habitat for several species of federally endangered fish and birds. Many of these, including razorback suckers and Colorado pikeminnow, are already afflicted by exposure to toxic compounds, such as selenium and mercury, associated with mine waste.

In a statement late Wednesday, the EPA pointed to fish populations already decimated by mine pollution to downplay the potential for downstream impacts, claiming that “due to current and longstanding water quality impairment associated with heavy metals there are no fish populations in the Cement Creek watershed and populations in the Animas River have historically been impaired for several miles downstream of Silverton.”

“The fact that fish populations in the upper Animas have already been decimated by mining pollution offers no comfort to concerns about pollution impacts farther downstream,” said Taylor McKinnon with the Center.

“Endangered species downstream of this spill are already afflicted by same toxic compounds like mercury and selenium that may be in this waste,” said McKinnon. “These species are hanging by a thread, and every new bit of toxic exposure makes a bad situation worse. EPA’s downplaying of potential impacts is troubling and raises deeper questions about the thoroughness of its mine-reclamation efforts.”

The Center will seek records from the federal agency about this week’s spill under the Freedom of Information Act. It will scrutinize the EPA’s compliance with the Endangered Species Act and other laws in connection with potential impacts to endangered species from mine-reclamation programs and disasters.

The Center for Biological Diversity is a national, nonprofit conservation organization with more than 900,000 members and online activists dedicated to the protection of endangered species and wild places."

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No surprise Bob. If anyone ask "Where can I get yeller in every pan" well...now we know.

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I disagree. People in charge need to be fired, punished and/or held accountable for negligence.

If a few can be sued personally( a difficult litigation at best) and not the agency, I am in favor of that.

Certainly the EPA is too big for it's britches and needs to be scaled back.

From what I've read so far, they :idunno: there was water behind the mine plug. :tisk-tisk::2mo5pow::2mo5pow: .. Who would have thought groundwater would flood a mine

:old: <this guy would have known...

We should Sue the Pants off them and Shut them down like they would you and I.

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Yes, another Red Flag for the Damages Mining could cause even if they caused the damage.

It will all be attributed to Mining.

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Wait a minute......They are purposefully putting fish in "toxic" water?
But, I cant run clean water through my dredge to remove mercury and such from the waters?
Im confused.....

Tom H.

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OOPS, they underestimated the volume of the released water. Instead of 1 million gallons, the figure has been updated to 3 million gallons. Yup, same folks that think my 4 inch dredge in the American River can kill salmon on the Klamath river that are killed by the Karuks ayway.

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I don't understand why everyone's sooo upset..?

Publix blue icing is much more toxic,

(if you've ever gotten it on your clothes, or skin, you know exactly what I mean too..)


Years ago I worked for a commercial bakery. Half the crap in the place had to be held in the hazardous material cafe.

I like publix--but that frosting is scary.

Mix that with that spill and the entire river might spontaneously combust.

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The environmental pollution agency probably didn't have the money in their budget to properly dispose of or to clean up the toxins, so they created an "OOOPS" to eliminate the problem of no budget for cleanups. Those responsible parties that released the toxins need to eat the fish that they polluted and personally clean up the environment.........

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Oh Boy, can ya just imagine if it turns out that water is unusable because of the toxins in it for humans and wildlife by the time it makes it around these parts.
It does make you think it was a willful action on someones part.
With all the states that depend on it.
Sure hasn't been much publicity on it with "details" yet.

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The mine closed in 1923. The miners knew what they were doing when they closed the mine. The EPA does not know what they are doing and they are sticking their noses where they don't belong. For what???

Fire them all.

Frank, it probably won't be long and Lake Mead will start to turn yellow.

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The economic prevention agency in there own words are "the solution to pollution is dilution" seems that is exactly what they did but they fudged there original #s of 1 million gallon s to 3 million. It could be a way to ask for more emergency power.

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What fish that can be seen floating probably won't be the worst of it.
Its gonna be the sediments like anything else all the "heavies" are gonna sink and be caught throughout the sediments and muck.
Allowing continual pollution to happen.
This can turn into a REAL bad deal here soon. We'll have to wait an see.

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I believe the people who caused this spill knew exactly what they were doing,

you pegged it ,,,,criminal negligence ,at the least...

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