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Gold bug 2 MINI conversion


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Well, with the gross heat right now here in AZ and not being as stout as BD and Buckeye boy....I think of odd things about prospecting.

I thought back on how many times im a mile back in the hills swinging the 5000 and see some really nice bedrock that I wish I had the GB2 to go over.

Then this crazy idea pops in my head....make a MINI!

Im selling this conversion kit for 149.99. It uses space age plastics and a custom MINI sticker to fully convert your GB2 to a MINI. Guaranteed to last at least one time out.

Granted its not for long periods of swinging and you will probably be on your hands and knees...but you are most of the time with a GB2 anyway :) Straps right to your existing hydration pack.
Just a fun little project.

Tom H.


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Always nice to have a custom back-up detector shaft. payment sent. does that include the knee pads?
btw your new Nugget Patch hip mounted nugget bottle works great too and only 79.95
Thanks AzNuggetBob

Note: complete with instructions. belt and buckle is not included. some assembly required.


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Take this idea to Shark Tank ... make millions!

Let's see ... sound like you could get a lot of web investors right here.

You don't already have an angel, do you?


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You know............. with all the moderators on this site, I figure one of you should give Tom a warning point for putting a gold bug II on a piece of schedule 40 ! So GHETTO ! :nutty:


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Yeah, I'll swear to it, I was there when he made the deal with NASA. Look ashamed Adam...................

Old Tom

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Now that I have a Idea of what it is, I have 4 made up of Carbon Fiber Bike Tubing and selling for less then $80.00.....

Oooops Just got a order for the last one. Sorry Sold Out.

Next Batch will be Carbon Lower rods and T-6 Aluminum Upper. Trail Bike Handle Wrap. Wireless BFO Coil and a six pack of beer.

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