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Terrorists ....welcome to the U.S.


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This one really makes no sense, you want you blood to boil read this article about the possible court martial of an officer who used his personal side arm to shoot at the terrorist here in the U.S.because he was not armed by our government. What message does this give to ISIS and all others who think like them. The man is a hero as far as I am concerned. Hope common sense prevails in this case.....they should all be armed.

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Hello! You have a Undocumented person in charge of the White House and took control of the DOJ! It's been proven he is the Enemy of the United States but No one seems to be bothered about it. He has loaded the Executive office with Muslims and Communist. Name ONE office of the Executive Branch that is not filled with a Muslim or Communist? You Can't because they Are. Not One. IRS included.

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