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good thing we had a poncho

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Saturday I hit a old patch way down south with another forum member. The Wells Fargo kid impressed me with his detector skills repeatedly .He was very kind enough to let me use his extra Minelab PI detector. I believe we were the first in there with Minelabs because my second target was a nice .7 gram piece. This place must of been rich because I was pretty much staying in a 15 ft shallow area that kept handing out beautiful chunky pieces. I think I found 5 or 6 when the Wells Fargo kid walked up with the largest piece of the day and blew my mind with a huge wire gold. My stretch played out and here he comes again with about a pennyweight piece. O and did I mention all these black clouds starting to roll in. Rain ponchos and 3 1/2 hours later I hit it with my preferred weapon the gb2. Ended up getting 3 pieces with it.



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Dang that's some nice gold! WTG bud.

Now you made the itch really bad......I go to get out there!
Get some more :)
Tom H.

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