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Kelly Starkey Passed Away

frank c

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For those of us that had the pleasure to know Kelly

Kelly passed away suddenly a few days ago I learned today.

We'll miss seein ya this season R.I.P.

Might be some from GPAA that knew him.
Heres a quote from his member page here.

Been detecting since I was 10,coin relics,started detecting for gold in 1979.not much luck till alaska in 90'.found 300+ nugs there in 6 summers,spent 8 summers there 90 to 97 as staff for george massie and the gpaa alaska trip.I ran the casadepaga camp for 7 years.Was on some of georges gold prospector shows and tom massies early gold fever shows.found alot of gold in AK and AZ but have never found a nugget in AZ with a detector.Have found 3000+ copper pieces and 50 lbs of silver,still finding some.Love to dredge and highbank and detect.

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That is a shock. He had those two long trips to Australia ...

I was just in Alaska and met a guy who worked at the GPAA up there Bob. I'll try to let him know.



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That is a real shock to us. We haven't heard much from him recently and now we know. He was a free spirit and will be missed by all who knew him. RIP Bud.

Old Tom

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Wow...that came out of no where. :(
He used to post a lot about the copper he would find here.

Darn shame.

Tom H.

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