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Yes, Evander Holyfield would be proud. Heres over 500 grams of Arizona Gold Basin Meteorites.
I had the oppertunity to go hunt in the humidity and heat yesterday with a good friend and we managed to squeeze these out of mother natures hands while filling bandanas full of sweat wiping our faces.
I was outdone 5 to 1 by my buddy, but mine was a whole stone !!
A GREAT day swingin , but really can't wait for cooler weather.
Hapy Huntn


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Nice Frank!
Man, your a tough sonabagun to be out there now :)
Tom H.

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I thought you found all of those up there. Did you leave any for me? and of course Lu?

WTG ... always nice to see your finds.


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Hi Frank,

Nice going! I admire your stamina during the summer weather and finding space rocks besides!

See you in November, if you mean you will be there for the 20th.


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Just teasing Frankie...I don't have any honey-holes. I have to get by finding the scraps left behind by all the big names and Beginner-luckers...

I will post a hermit pick/wall update tomorrow...

there may be chili verde in your future.......


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Hi Patrick,

Since I have not been to many of your get togethers (only one a couple of years ago when I brought some oatmeal cookies and not sure if you were there with your cake) I have been wondering what kind of cake you make. It must be great to go along with Bill's smoked brisket and Fred's famous green chile stew (and he gave me a cake recipe too) so curious what it could be. What kind of cake? Do you share your recipe?

Twink Monrad

-compulsive baker and meteorite hunter-

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Twink. I'll share my secret with you only if you are at Bills outing. It's quite complex and complicated.


Edited by Patrick in Havasu
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