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Be careful out there, cost of snake bite will hurt


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Never accept the bill at face value. It's always negotiable.


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    • ..............................."
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I spent 45 minutes in the E Room. Received bill for $5,000. I ask them to break the bill down to show what I was paying for. I told them I'm not going to pay until they did. They never did and I never paid it.

Notice that bill breaks nothing down?

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5 1/2 hours in the SR hospital here cost me over $26,000. Thieves took about a 1/3 to settle but the bill was over 3' long as I demanded itemized. $70 pillow, 30 for a tv,10 for a cup a water etc etc sic sic. John

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It's the price we have to pay in order to have the best medical services in the world....most of it is negotiable if your paying cash. Otherwise you have to deal with the system we all created................ :) A friend of mine was bit a few years back...he took himself to the hospital and they gave him a price of around 10 grand if he paid in cash for a series of shots. he declined and went home...he was lucky it was a dry bit by a rattle snake.

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How is it the Best in the world when it cost you more the a House?

My mother needed two heart valves replaced. It cost her $120,000. The kind lady from Mexico had the same thing done. In the same Room. It cost her nothing. WTF?

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There is no price on life...... Just imagine 60 or so years ago....we didn't have the options we do now. if you were up in age...and had severe health issues you died. Now life is extended and it costs....we live in the best county in the world.....it ain't perfect....Besides if people knew how little brain matter rules the world, we would all die of fear. Thank goodness they keep the alien thing a secret....just imagine being probed by one of them. :ROFL:

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I have no idea if Medicaid covers snake bites but I believe that under obamacare, if you make under 14K and have few assets, you qualify for the new expanded Medicaid and pay NOTHING for health care. No insurance premium, no deductible and no copay. How is that for an incentive to NOT work.

I just read that many people in Seattle are asking their employers to cut their hours because the minimum wage was just raised and they are in danger of losing out on their government freebies.

*Some* people in this country seem to have forgotten that for every action there is a reaction.

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