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Some Crater Of Diamonds Stuff..

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With Crater Of Diamonds having been mentioned a couple times in recent threads, I went rummaging through a long buried corner on the back porch to see if I could find anything of interest.. We haven't been to the park since before the turn of the century, not that that matters much in volcanic years, so I had no idea what the boss lady might have saved and couldn't really remember what I might have either.. Among others, I discovered we had wisely put most of it up in plastic bags, though that's a whole other story for another day..

Regardless, here's a few things I did come across.. Sorry about the miniscule focus issue, but being the third time I've photographed 'em using this once state-of-the-art 5 megapixel camera -- they were getting posted this time no matter what:

Recombined dry-screened very fine lamproitic soil and dried wet-screened medium to medium-small gravel:


Dried wet-screened lamproitic soil with tiny bits of rock.. The drying took months to over a year with occasional turning, first in buckets, later in garbage bags.. When dry, about half was loose, most of the rest was in small clumps, and then some larger clumps like these pictured..


One side of part of a rock:


The other side of part of a rock:


Another rock:


Variety of stone wet-screened out of the lamproitic soil:


New freezer bag of medium-small to small gravel wet-screened out of the lamproitic soil:


I have no examples / photos of pre-screened / pre-washed soil.. Normally it will also contain some vegetation, roots, twigs, berries etc..

I couldn't find any hardpan either.. Used to have a bunch; must have gotten tossed.. It kinda looks like a layer of a bad cheap-but-solid asphalt paving job.. The hardpan doesn't seem to be present everywhere in the park, although I suppose it could either be deeper or simply broken up by activity over the years..

I also have no sample of a certain stone that appears just under the hardpan, since I personally was never able to break through but have seen it from others who have.. It's cubic, about the size of a medium die.. When it rains, water flows under the hardpan as well as on the surface.. I'm told this stone concentrates with sub-hardpan diamonds..



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Thanks Dan..

I have some more to add, but not until I get this camera right again..

Notice how the background is perfectly in focus -- what's that all about..?

I also discovered the ref's 4-photo limit.. My bad..

Cave paintings at eleven..


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Al, what kind of camera you got? You might be able to fiddle with the settings or manually focus to get better pics.

I wish.. Not possible.. This is really a video cam that'll take a pix, not vice versa:

circa 2009 fixed lens f2.8 w/auto shutter, 3x zoom, 1st Gen 720p @ 60fps + 1080p + underwater-to-10' capability..

Not even a flash.. This thing's from the era when the really high-end cams were just starting to crack double-digit mega-pixels..

I'd bought it for a specific purpose and sharp close-up photos wasn't that reason, although it does take a decent macro pix if I hold a loupe in front of the lens..

The only 'focus' setting it has is facial recognition on/off.. It had been re-set to default off though, along with all the other default settings as I just discovered.. This most likely happened some time ago when I had to pull the battery to change the SD card, even though that shouldn't have taken place..

Will having turned facial recognition back on help..? I don't know yet.. But even if it doesn't help it isn't that big a deal.. I'm long overdue for a camera upgrade.. I'd just been putting it off cos it hadn't seemed like a pressing issue, until now.. This Focuszilla event will kick me into gear finally..


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Shoot it with highest pixels from a distance and then use photoshop or others to crop.

GeoJack -- that's what I'd been doing, moving further away every pass..

I'd say the shots pictured were taken from a minimum of 18", probably closer to two feet away,

and these are the results..

I still haven't re-tried with facial recognition on though.. I simply may be asking more from the camera

than it's able to give..

Appreciate and note your input..


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