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Need help identifying these rocks

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I found these stones a while back and I need some help identifying them. They were all found in the NJ area. Thanks!

Hi all. I have been reading this forum for some time now but just got around to joining up.

Those are some very nice samples you picked up. Where in NJ area did they come from?

Without much info, just the very nice photos, I'm going out on a limb but I'll take a stab at it:

The first, fifth & sixth photos looks like garnets in quartz matrix, maybe a Garnitic Gneiss or part of a Garnitic Schist. See if the black blobs will stick to a magnet; if so, then they are magnetite (type of iron). Place some warm vinegar on the white stuff to see if it will fizz, if it fizzes, then it is calcite and you have a rock sample called Skarn.

The forth, seventh & ninth photo look s like an intergrowth of quartz and the plagioclase feldspar, Bytownite.

The second, third & eighth photos shows a mineral with excellent crystal faces. The faces show the mineral to be in the monoclinic system, that with the nice pink color, makes me think it is a pink orthoclase feldspar with fuchsite (green mica) mixed in. Sure are cool looking sample!

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