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ICMJ magazine question


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Hey all:

Got a question...

I am a subscriber to ICMJs magazine and am coming up on renewal.

Does the online version allow you to read back issues of the magazine?


Tom H.

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Yes but they don't have every back issue online since they have been in existence since 1931 and the computer age hasn't been around that long.

At present the back issues go back to 1999, and they also have the first year 1931 as a PDF file which is free for anyone to download.

What do I get with an online subscription?

You get the same articles that are available in our printed magazine. The articles for the current issue are posted on the same day the new printed issue is shipped, on the 27th day of the month.

In addition, online subscribers can read any back issues we have available on the site. We currently have approximately 375 articles available, and we will continue to add back issues as time permits.



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Thanks Skip.

Have a great 4th :)

Tom H.

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Gosh Skip I'm glad I saw this tread as I have an online subscription and

have never used it... Like Tom I really appreciate the link but still need

to register to get access to the articles... Actually I bought my first CMJ

either in Dec 1947 or January 1948. I was at this time in my senior year

at what was then White Pine County High School in Ely Nevada. In the Fall

of 1948, as a freshman I entered the Mackay School of Mines; University of

Nevada but ran out of funds at the end of the first semester. I was able

to return in September 1950 and officially graduated in August 1954 with

a BS in Geological Engineering. Over the years the CMJ was available over

the counter nearly every where in all of the mining towns as it was one of

the best sources of mining information.

Actually I wrote several articles back in about 1999 when Kenneth Harn was

the publisher and I continued writing articles when Kenneth retired and

Scott Harn became the publisher about 2000. Thus I saw the CMJ format

evolve to become the ICMJ as I continued to off an on as a free-lancer

to write articles to about 2008. So I'm part of the history of the CMJ/ICMJ

as I'm listed as one of their writers... And WOW, today all of the writer's

and all of their articles can be accessed by having an online subscription.

Plus all of the later ICMJs can be accessed... Hey, I'm truly a living fossil.

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Hey Jim, the ICMJ is one of the best meds for anti-fossilization. Just looking at all that gold and reading about the eternal quest can supercharge a fossil into getting off the couch.

I am wondering if ICMJ might make a speaker available at an upcoming meeting of the Prospectors Club of Southern California? Currently PCSC is pushing 600 members and growing. A lot of these newbies never even heard of the ICMJ. I'm sure a lot of new subscriptions could be signed up on the spot. Just a thought.

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Fred, PCSC meets at the Downey Womens Center at 8pm on the third Friday of each month. Next meeting is July 17th. Topic will focus on how to access and utilize the new PCSC website supported by the Wild Apricot software system (specific user friendly software for managing non-profit corporations in the digital age -- phasing out, but not totally eliminating snail mailed paper notices). Annual panning championships coming up in September (Youth) and October (Open). We would LOVE to have you consider a speaking visit!!

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Martin -

I'd be happy to do it, but the problem is that its a 1000+ mile round trip and two long days of driving to do a couple hour speaking engagement......

That said, I am originally from southern California and still visit down there a couple times a year.

Funny the meeting is at the Downey Womens center - I grew up in Downey and went to Downey High.......

I'll probably return in the fall sometime, but have no dates set, not even a particular month.

If I happen to be down there when the meeting is to take place, then no problem.

Send me a PM with your email. and when I know the days that I will be down, I will let you know and we will see if something can be worked out.

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That would be great Chris! Perhaps something could be worked out around a date that GPAA has a major show in SoCal. I will keep in touch with you on this. I am quite impressed with the qualitative progress ICMJ has demonstrated over the last several years. Keep up the good work!!

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Howdy Everyone... Gosh it is awesome that the PCSC is up to around 600 members.

The Morgans really started something awesome as I believe they were about the first

to organize seeded events. It was at PCSC conventions I personally met such

notables as "Jimmy Sierra," Bill Lahr, "Karl von Mueller," Fred and Lilly Brust,

Charlie Garrett, Jim Klein, Rosemary and Steve Anderson, Steve Howard, Jack Gifford

and so many others, the list goes on and on...

Martin you are right about de-fossification; (new word I invented) as I was at the

last West-Coasters Rendezvous and was in the 5&10 hunt using a walker for balance

(which was not easy to drag as my search coil would sound off near one of the legs...

and Fred I'm still a member of the PCSC but Gosh, the Friday night traffic is

Horrrreeendossss (new word I invented...)

Hey Chris I have slowly gotten rid of my collection of old CMJ's. But I still have

several dating back to the late 1930's. As I remember I first Met Scott and Sally

at a Federation meeting at Laughlin back about 2000 +-. Dave Johnson was there too.


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Thanks Martin;

I don't know that I have much to contribute to the meeting. I have given a few talks; No one stoned me for those so it is worth the risk.

My only request is that Jim Straight be there to give me strength and courage...

After the meeting you can take me to all your secret spots...just teasing!


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Fred... you don't need me as you are up and at'm . Jon kishi stopped by to visit

and I showed him my special looseleaf folder with ALL of your articles and was

he impressed!..... as I am too regarding your writing skills

To WOW the great and friendly members and guests all you need to be is Yourself

and your source of a subject is already in your published articles. God Bless... jim

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