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"Lynx Creak" (GreenStone) Source Gold

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Got a question on greenstone. Is it similar to slate/ The reason I ask is because here in NC the gold is associated with the slate belt that runs N-S in the middle of the state. Quartsruns up through the slate and some is gold bearing also associated with Rhyolite veins. Just wo dering

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Nope. Greenstone is not the same as or even very similar to slate.


I've been blowing up your pictures to try and help me identify greenstone and so far it looks to be like a piece of slightly dulled coal with little specks in it?

Looks to be somewhat smooth and very hard

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Thanks Chris

I have a friend with a mine claim in the cave creek area and says that in the mine he does have greenstones and the pics would be a big help.



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Was out 4 wheeling this weekend in the Bradshaws and spent some extra time taking pictures of the geology. I noticed this grey/green stone both in the wash and on the side of the mountain. A couple large gold mines had been worked in this area. One picture looks like a similar rock to what Gary shows but I am doubtful that this is greenstone because I didn't notice the fine grains as I would expect with Metabasalt. It has a greenish tint but just doesn't match the pics from Chris Reno's article, either. Any thoughts on what this is? (note: 1st pic should be rotated 90deg clockwise)



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